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Video Poker Online

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Many online casinos are able to offer fair Internet video poker games for real money. How can you guess which are the most reputable for NZ players? Probably, you can’t, till you’re on our website that reviews such spots especially for people from Australia and New Zealand and caters only the top-quality gambling clubs to satisfy their gambling urge. If you already have tried enough luck in the free game and want to find the maximum pleasure of the top real money games, the first thing that you need to take invto account is that here you will find only the best possible casinos with the most up to date pokies. Look through them right now and choose your favorite one to gamble right away!

The Way We Review the Video Poker Casinos

There is a strong likelihood that you can lose your money if you play at poor-quality video poker casinos with no previous review. So, in the case that you do choose to bet, it is wise to remember and consult the services in terms of this or that casino reliability. That will not cost you much more than you can afford to lose when you play in the first better casino you come across on the I-net. In fact, that will cost you absolutely nothing.

All gambling establishments are licensed and are constantly tested by independent companies in the integrity of the game and the accuracy of the results and benefits of all online games, so there is little difference in playing at top online casinos and bad casinos, etc. However, there are things that can be spotted only by professionals.

Therefore, accurate and fair video poker gameplay is advised only on the known and trusted online sites which we are glad to present on our pages. Popular online casino games for real money and fun are reviewed and rated by unbiased users and regularly updated. On the basis of all of the below factors, on the basis of popularity, the most honest and reliable online clubs are selected.

Quality of Video Poker gaming

We offer you a decision of the absolutely most prominent and secured online clubs with a colossal number of web games, that furthermore supports almost all the known payment options, including NZ dollar, techniques to store and pull back your funds. To play for real cash at your most loved video poker machines, you should sign in and be satisfied playing at web clubs you like, and after that select the suitable strategy for you to store and pull back your money, and so on. We test all the details for you to be sure you made the right choice.


If a new player is going to play his or her favorite video poker games for real money, he or she needs to select a truly honest and reliable online casino, make sure that the facility is safe and ensures a fair and honest game, etc. Therefore it is recommended to play only on sites that have a good reputation and care about their customers which we enlist online. The royal quality casinos understand that the number of visitors directly depends on their security system and having strict policies.

The reputation of Online Video Poker casinos

What we rate is constantly a standout amongst the most well-known casinos on the Internet with a high reputation only, which keeps the games for both real money and free plays with the same quality. A lot of such casinos are available on our website with more than 400 different games, including all standard casino games, as well as live dealer games or even real casino games that are broadcast online from the land-based casinos, etc. New players who make a first-time deposit may be eligible for generous welcome bonuses and other interesting promotions. Besides, after the registration, you can play your favorite pokies in your browser or download the software client and run n your pc from your desktop. Mobile casinos for IOS and Android are also available, which also supports free and real cash modes, etc.


Casinos with the best reputation conduct the leading fair policy towards the customers, are certified and are regularly tested with the help of independent organizations such as GLI, TST, eCorga and others. Numerous online clubs give reports containing data on all players wagers, games, deposits, and so on. Consequently, the player can check the accuracy of the outcomes and to ensure that the majority of his games were totally reasonable. We watch the club that is confirmed and tried and consequently fiscally dependable for the NZ clients.

Popular games

Video poker is a standout amongst the most famous gaming machines, alongside slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and so on since the casino’s advantage is really minimal. Hypothetical number of possible winnings in video poker is almost 100% depending on the game variation and the integrity of the casino game and online slots that you play. In this way, we observe the casinos with only the most interesting and beneficial games with the best promotions and bonuses, generally the most fruity conditions ever.

Winning odds

Since video poker is among the most popular games, New Zealanders like it too. No wonder, the casino’s advantage is minimal. Gaming machines are reviewed and tested carefully and the casinos with the top video pokies are rated by unbiased experts in order to satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated gamers. We check the house edge and the chances to win to be sure and bust any possible myths in terms of this or that casino game.

Blacklisted Video Poker Casinos

Unfortunately, not all casinos online fit into the user’s criteria that are taken as a landmark for picking the best of the best gambling establishments with the top quality video poker for the NZ players. In order to deter the customers from the low-quality casinos that cannot satisfy these or that demands of the players from NZ, give them a couple of useful tips on the games of video poker and help to improve the gaming skills and, of course, protect from the dangerous mistakes, we publish the blacklist of the casinos first hand and regularly update it for the maximum security of our faithful readers. Look them up here.

How to play Video Poker

1. Carefully read the rules

If you choose to play video poker, then do read carefully the rules of video poker and its possible combinations before you start the game, as well as check out the main varieties of video pokies if any. Every game has the rules and you should know them.

2. Play at online casinos

It’s recommended to play video poker because in the top quality online casino you can always claim a refund, it is necessary for certain video poker game variations. Some professionals do not recommend playing video poker in the land-based gaming halls because a very low refund is exhibited most often in these gaming halls, which reduces your chances of winning.

3. Mind the payout percentage

Playing online, select the top casino and get an honest game, which will have the biggest payout percentage — about 99.5%. Usually, each player can learn the percentage either theoretically or find it on the machine chat. Any player can see menu “Help” or “Settings” in the game or read them on the official website of the casino. We advise you not to play with zero knowledge, and get acquainted with the potential chances of winning for playing your favourite video pokies.

4. Seek progressive jackpot

On the Internet, many video poker games are connected to a progressive jackpot, so if you aim for the jackpot, keep in mind that you’ll have to play with the maximum bet. Also, choose those machines to play video poker where the progressive jackpot prize is the highest.

5. Use free games

If you are a beginner, before playing for real money, you’d better work out free games and practice playing video poker more and thereby get your hands on the game and a type of experience.

6. Manage your bankroll

Remember that video poker is a gamble of chance and like all games of chance the benefits are always on the side of the casino. So do not buy a variety of so-called winning systems or strategy games, because this is a kind of pure fraud. Instead, every casino player must necessarily be able to manage the financial situation and be able to stop in time in the case of bad luck, as well as the time to leave the game if you win immediately. So set yourself certain limits and always adhere to them, otherwise, you’ll just give the money to the casino all in vain!


Video poker is a very popular casino game because it is very simple in its rules, and the house edge is very low, besides there are progressive jackpots where you can win a lump sum of money. Of course, video poker was created on the principle of a poker card game, only instead of other people, the player plays against the casino. Therefore, video poker attracts many players, even those who are very poor online poker card players, because even a weak player may win at the online casino, but may not have real and experienced rivals which is another plus of playing online. In addition, another factor of the casino honesty is its popularity and the number of users playing on this site in a certain game. Thus, video poker is much sought after on trusted casinos because a lot of people like this game and New Zealand people are not an exception. The more popular club and the more players prefer to play in it, the more you can be confident in the reliability of this online casino.
Theoretically, the percentage of the possible winning in video poker is almost 100%, depending on the game variation, and the casino you play at, of course. So, roughly speaking, the chances of the player winning are 50 to 50. Of course, such a slight advantage still attracts the players very much because the odds are not banned and the game itself is extremely popular and interesting. But playing video poker, you should take into account the chances that you will not be able to collect this or that combination at once. Like slots and video poker, pokies for New Zealanders are also much played due to the good odds, actually.
Honest and well-reputed online casinos we strive to cater to you online, always provide the maximum confidence using the top quality random number generators (RNG) developed by the leading software manufacturers like Microgaming (RNG MD5, for example). These generators make it possible to give the random results in the games based on its work, which guarantees the players a full transparency and honesty of the games they are involved in.
In any best gaming establishment that is rated at our web, you will easily find the full arsenal of tools for help: there must be present contact details to communicate with a support service fast and without much trouble. This is usually a chat with the operator, e-mail or a phone number. The main thing is that such info should be clear and easily found on the pages of the casino you chose to play at. Be sure all respectful casinos rated at our pages have the same top-rated quality of customer support. Play them now and make sure of it!





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