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Best Online Craps Casino Sites

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Both novice and experienced craps players face the challenge of choosing only secure and trustworthy online casinos in New Zealand. Indeed, casino craps dice games enjoy enormous popularity in this country, and the number of online craps sites available to NZ residents illustrates the demand for the game. Every day, welcome bonus seekers exchange their opinions on forums and in thematic groups on social networks, discussing the quality of gambling sites, many of which allow you to play real money craps. We decided to create this guide to answer all the questions from the gambling community. Take your time to study it before you move on. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Craps Games

What are the pros and cons of playing online craps? Have a look at this table to find the answer:

  • In some craps bets, the house edge is below 2%.
  • You can play craps anywhere.
  • A huge variety of craps games, including live dealer craps.
  • Simple rules and clear betting odds. The smartest strategy is to place pass-line bets.
  • The ability to enroll in an online craps game for free on almost every online casino
  • Craps players cannot gain a long-term advantage.
  • The game is played at a fast pace. Compared to land-based casinos, players can make 400 bets/hour online.
  • It is easy to get lost in the diversity of online craps games for novice players.
  • Playing craps online can be addictive, so you should avoid making riskier craps bets.

How to Choose a Craps Casino Site

Craps is an exciting casino game that has more positive than negative aspects. In any casino hall around the world, the craps table is always noisy and busy. Craps is also very popular on online gambling sites; there are many virtual platforms specializing in this game.

There are many online craps sites, and choosing the right one is a difficult task even for experienced users. There are many offers, but not all of them can be trusted. On thematic forums and websites, you will come across info about non-payment of craps games prize money, illegal blocking of casino craps accounts, welcome bonuses that cannot be wagered, and illegal online slots and other table games. To avoid fraudulent gambling resources, our industry experts compiled a list of tips to help you select a trustworthy online casino:

These are only general recommendations, but they will allow you to select the best online craps casinos and to become involved in playing craps online as soon as possible. In the table below, you’ll find our top-5 suggestions regarding live dealer craps games:

Casino nameWelcome bonusMinimal depositWithdrawal limit
Lucky Nugget150% match up to NZ $200NZ $10NZ $4,000 per week
Royal VegasNZ $1,200 + 120 FSNZ $10NZ $4,000 per week
Yako CasinoNZ $222 + 222 FSNZ $20NZ $2,000
All Slots CasinoNZ $1,500NZ $10NZ $4,000 per week
LeoVegasNZ $100 + 50 FSNZ $10min. NZ $10

Online Craps variations

The basic rule for playing craps online is that each player takes turns throwing dice, after which the result of the roll is used to determine the winner or loser. Until the end of the craps game, a number of throws can be made. There are many varieties of simple and complex craps games, which we invite you to study:

1. Liar

The number of participants is unlimited. The real money craps game uses 5 dice. Before playing craps, the amount of the bet is determined. Each player places 3 bets in front of him (it can be pass line bets, don’t pass line, come, don’t come, etc.). The first player initiates the dice draw, looks at the combination received, and announces it to the rest of the participants at the craps table. He also covers the dice so that the partners playing craps against him cannot see the combinations. His statement may or may not be true. The person sitting left-hand must either declare Liar! or agree that the announced combination is true. The list of possible combinations corresponds to the list in the general game. This variety is often played at land-based casinos.

2. Chicago

This variety of real money craps uses two dice. Online casinos don’t usually limit the number of players. This variety of craps game has eleven rounds. In the first round, the player must, by throwing the dice one after the other, get two points. The first person to complete this task scores two points. In the second round, the wild casino or any other institution expects a total of three points to be thrown by you, and in the third round – four points, and so on until the eleventh round, when twelve points must be thrown away. The one who scores the most points in eleven rounds is the winner and can claim his prize at that specific craps casino.

3. High Dice

As a fan of real money craps you don’t want to miss this variety of an online craps games. High Dice is played by two players; one a banker and the other a punter. Each player rolls two dice. The sum of the numbers on the rolled dice will be considered as the players’ points. To play craps online, the banker makes the first move. To win real money, his opponent must roll the dice to score more than the banker. In this case, the banker is obliged to pay the opponent one bet. If the opponent fails to beat the banker, he then pays the banker the lost bet. When playing craps online, you can also face a real dealer or a random number generator. However, online gambling fans agree that live dealer craps bring the most fun and excitement.

4. Bank craps

Real money online craps can be extremely exciting if you enjoy this type of casino table game. Two players are involved – a banker and a punter. First, the punters place bets on any number from one to six. After that, three dice are thrown at the same time. If at least one of the three dice drops according to the roll bets, the punter receives from the online casino a payoff equal to the amount of this stake. If two sides of the dice coincide with the set number, the punter receives a double win of the craps bets. When three dice fall, which is very rare, then the online craps site will have to pay a triple reward accordingly. And if none of the dice wins on the online craps table, the punter loses his bet.

5. Martinetti or Ohio

An unlimited number of people play online craps of this variety. Each participant is given one token. Three dice are used to play craps. The game is played on a special table with 12 numbered fields, or in our case – on an online craps table. The first player rolls 3 dice, aiming to drop 1 point. If this does not happen, the right to move passes to the participant sitting on the left. If the point falls out, the participant places his chip on the corresponding field. As long as the player has the numbers necessary for the sequential movement of the chips on the playing fields, the right to move remains with him. To play online craps of this variety is easy: the winner is the one whose chip moved from one to twelve.

These are only five of the real money craps variations that you can try. In fact, online casinos may provide you with even more variety, so before you enrol in online gambling at a wild casino or any other platform, you should clearly understand the craps rules, calculate the house edge, and learn how to place different kinds of bets, including the line bet, pass bet, etc. Next, we’ll take a look at the rules you should stick to.

How to Play Craps

The rules of traditional real money craps are quite simple. The game takes place in two stages – Come Out Roll (first throw) and Point Roll (game after setting the point). First of all, the player rolls two dice. What they show will determine the next steps. The best option for the player is when the total number of points is 7 or 11. In this case, the player immediately wins and can play craps again or withdraw a reward from the Wild casino. If 2, 3 or 12 points fall out, the player loses, and the right to throw the dice passes to the next participant. After receiving any of these results, the round ends. Winning bets are paid out by Wild casino, and unsuccessful ones are cleared from the table. Then the game begins again.

However, it’s much more interesting when the dice show 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 when playing craps online. Then the resulting number becomes a point, and the second stage of the casino game begins. The player rolls the dice until he gets his point or 7 again. If his number drops, he wins, but if he gets a 7, he loses.
Craps Online

How to place bets at the online craps casinos?

It is well-known that real money online craps has varying betting options for different rounds. In particular, only two of them are available at the online casinos for the first stage of the Come Out Roll:

If a point is determined in a round and the Point Roll stage begins, the craps casino bets made at the beginning of the game are kept. In addition, the Point Roll stage offers many other long-term bets, that is, until the end result of the game:

Observers can also place bets on the result of each individual throw at this stage – on the exact number or the line bet. In fact, this is very similar to sports betting, as you cannot accurately predict the result, but you can rely on intuition, and you can enjoy the casino games without active involvement. Many people even consider this kind of gambling more enjoyable than simple sports betting.

Strategy of Craps

1. Place simple bets to play craps online

While there are many opportunities to play online craps, the safest of them are, fortunately, the simplest. To play craps online, the most basic dice bet is the pass line bet, which is also the safest because of its low house edge of 1.41%. The “pass line” bet is 1:1 – in other words, if you bet $10, you win $10.

2. Minimize the house edge

To minimize the casino winnings as much as possible, place a “don’t pass line” bet. This bet is almost the complete opposite of the pass line bet – 2 or 3 wins, 7 or 11 loses (12 tosses). If a point is set, you win when a 7 comes up before the point, and you lose if the point comes up first. The “don’t pass line” bet can be considered one of the safest on the table, as the house edge for it is only 1.36%.

3. Increase your winnings by using side bets at the online casinos

Side bets are something unique, as they are completely fair – the online craps sites make no winnings at all. However, they can only be placed on top of other bets. When you play craps online, side bets may increase your main bet by x2, x3, x5, etc. By betting every time with “pass line” and “don’t pass line” bets, you increase your possible winnings and reduce the house edge when you lose.

You must understand that the top online craps casinos always have the edge in the long run. While it’s entirely possible to play real money craps games and leave the table with more money than when you came in, it’s important to understand that this is one of the casino games that has a built-in win mechanism. This means that the payout structure is mathematically calculated in such a way as to bring profit to the online craps sites in the long run. This means that if you play for a long time with the usual ups and downs, you usually end up losing money. But you can take advantage of the situation by using the welcome bonus or specialized online craps bonuses and play craps for free.

Live Dealers Craps

As live games gain more and more popularity among gamblers, you, too, can try out the new opportunities to play craps online with real dealers. From one point of view, you can enjoy the privacy of playing craps games online with a real person. Unlike y playing against random number generators, live dealer games provide lively conversation and the opportunity to try different strategies against the dealer. Only the best casinos can provide you with the opportunity to play live, as it is not easy for casinos to establish partnerships with live craps games providers. Here is a list of the best online casinos offering craps games online:

Find more recommended craps casinos on our platform, and enjoy casino games without limits!

Online Craps Games for Mobile Devices

You can also enjoy different craps games on your mobile device just as you would any other online game at most online casinos. Indeed, most platforms encourage players to download their dedicated apps so as to stay in touch with their clients. So, if you also want to play craps outside the house – just install your favorite casino on your device and enjoy!

Banking Methods

Naturally, craps casinos use the same payment methods as for other games. The available payment methods depend on the casino you play at. As Internet coverage is good, and bank account links are secure in New Zealand (99.5%), most online banking and e-payment methods are available. Here are the options the best casinos usually offer:

Select the most convenient method for you, or enjoy free craps gambling without making deposits.

Customer Service

Having responsive and helpful customer service is a must-have for online casino sites. Experts recommend making contact with customer service before you actually need it, just to check how responsive they are to problems and if you will be satisfied with the service in general. A good gambling platform should provide multiple ways to reach their customer service – via phone, email, pop-up form, etc., – so that all gamblers can choose an option. If you haven’t received a response within 24 hours, we recommend selecting another casino.

Final Words on the Best Online Craps Sites

Essentially, betting can be very enjoyable if all blind spots are covered by clear warnings and useful solutions. If you’ve studied this A to Z guide, you have probably found answers to your questions on the method for finding the best platform for gambling, the nature of craps varieties and strategies, the kinds of payment methods you can select, etc. Study the FAQ section below if you still have any questions.


In online games, a software algorithm acts as a dealer. The results of the roll are determined by a random number generator. In live games, there is a live broadcast and a real croupier accepting your bets.
A gambler can enter the game at any time, but the draws are performed in turn. The right to throw is transferred counter-clockwise.
If you don’t trust the gambling platform – it is worth abandoning the idea to play for real money. A trustworthy casino uses the RNG to determine the outcome of the draw, and the fairness of the games is guaranteed by the responsible authorities.
If you play long enough, the casino will take your money. So it’s a good idea to leave the game as soon as you win.
The house edge majorly depends on the game type and the bet. The payout structure is mathematically calculated in such a way as to bring profit to the casino in the long run. However, you still can win a huge sum of money and leave.
Just as with any gambling game, you will have to spend time learning the rules and then mastering them. However, playing craps is as easy as roulette or blackjack: you just need to learn how to place bets.
To play real money craps in New Zealand, gamblers must be older than 20.





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