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Play Keno Online

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Keno is one of the favorite games among New Zealanders. This is a lottery-type game that is rather adventurous and much fun and is now extremely popular on the Internet just like in real life of players.

In order to play keno, they need to purchase a lottery ticket (national lottery), visit the casino, or visit a specialized website for online gambling and try their fortune there. But how can they possibly know which one is the top quality to play this game?
This is already our duty – to define the most beneficial casino sites where the player from NZ can easily and successfully play keno, get the maximum pleasure and win. Although Keno is gambling, which has the highest casino advantage, the game continues to be popular, and each year attracts more and more new players.

Keno is the game in which luck plays the main role, so the players must first find the best casinos in order to maximize the lucky chance and avoid the useless fuss that the Internet is full of. In addition, if you’ve never played Keno, be sure to use a few tips from our reliable reviewer, which to some extent will help you to avoid unnecessary losses and increase your chances of winning. You will find the best online casinos in our list below.

How we Rate online Keno Casinos

It’s obvious that there are a lot of up to date casino sites running on the leading software that offers to play keno online to the gamers from NZ, but in order to make the search for them easier and save your time, we enlisted them on one useful page, to make the gambling process organized and well-controlled. Besides, we have tested the variety of gambling establishments according to the user’s criteria while playing online Keno and making transactions, and so on. We never recommend our users to attempt to play online casinos (or land-based casinos) for pure profit.

The truth is that it most often leads to the fact that the players lose all their money in an attempt to beat the casino. Since the casino cannot be so easy to beat, otherwise they would all have gone bankrupt, what is essential is playing in such casinos that are the top friendly and offer generous bonuses. Therefore, if you are playing for real money, do it for the maximum fun and enjoyment of the keno game itself, meanwhile having a solid chance of winning. To define such online gambling establishments we take into account several crucial qualities of the casinos NZ.


Another important thing you should take into account when playing on the Internet is the choice of an honest online casino. It is important to play in the quality and reliable online casinos, and most importantly — the most honest and proven. What we do here is check them out to make sure they are like that. While playing in an best online casino, you can be assured of a fair and honest game without cheating. Therefore, choosing a casino, be sure to find out about it as much information as possible and to ensure its fairness, in order to avoid disastrous consequences. With the help of our resources, you get the data firsthand faster and can play faster.

NZD options and Keno payouts

In order to guarantee the best NZ gambling, of course, we pay attention to the casinos that accept NZ money and provide the full spectrum of transaction options, secure deposits and withdrawals, etc. We also trace the friendly support and watch the players never play online keno for real money in casinos, being in a bad mood, irritated, tired or drunk. In such situations, they can not think clearly, that can lead to great financial losses. We also pick and rate the casinos that have disclaimers and take care of their customers even in terms of the issues they cannot possibly control and check themselves.


Of course, the casinos we enlist are all certified by the leading programming developers and software companies as well as the non-profit independent gambling organizations that take care of the customer’s rights. The casinos we play at are all checked by eCorga and provide reports about the clear terms and conditions and annual activities.

Online Keno: New games

We pay attention to the assortment of popular games in the casinos we surveyed and offer the top intriguing, interesting, and much sought after among the New Zealand visitors. We additionally test some innovative games and game variations, their software, features, and so on to make sure everything’s perfect. The specialists prescribe playing those games that you know well. What’s more, in the case that you choose to attempt a game, before playing it for real cash it is essential to well peruse the tenets of the game and attempt to play in the casino for nothing on virtual cash or chips. This will give you the chance to test and assess the diversions before playing for cash.

Winning odds

We are always curious about the winning odds of every game we play at the casinos we review with a special passion. We are also interested in how to win keno if you’re a NZ player looking for some fun. In fact, the game of keno is considered to be quite unfavorable from the viewpoint of the player, as the house edge in this game is more than 20%. Despite the fact, there are a lot of other things that attract the gamers to play keno ad win if they choose the right casino for that.

Blacklisted Online Keno NZ Casinos

Despite the great variety of user-friendly and certified platforms for playing keno online, there are spots that are recommended to e avoided by the experts because they have some complications in terms of providing their services to certain players or other drawbacks as per the user’s criteria: from slow graphics to payout delays. Certainly, such clubs should not be played despite their reputation and popularity. A more detailed data is given in the table below for the maximum safety and comfort of our users.

Tips on Best Way to Play Keno in New Zealand

1. Learn the rules

Before you play Keno (in the online casino or the lottery) thoroughly familiarize yourself with the rules and with all the nuances that may arise during the game. If you play keno at online casino, before playing for real money it is recommended to play for free, so you can quickly get to the game and get acquainted with all the subtleties of certain types of keno you’re engaged in.

2. Set the loss limit

Never give a last penny to the game which is on the edge of a gambling addiction. Never play keno for real money, which you will badly need in the case of loss. This advice applies not only to the keno game, but any other game of chance. So, if you play keno online for money, do it in the casinos or gambling clubs with the funds you do not mind loosing or can afford to lose in the case of bad luck.

3. Pick a reliable casino

Playing Online Keno, always make sure that you choose a reliable casino with fair benefits and a good attitude towards customers. If you do not know which casino to choose, seek honest online casinos with our help.

4. Change casinos

If you’re seriously passionate about the game of keno, we advise you to always compare the different places to play keno online. Although in most cases, all casinos and websites offer the same conditions for the game, you may be able to find a place where you will be offered more benefits or bonuses for the same game.

5. Seek keno jackpot

In the case that you play keno a big win, then you should play the greatest amount of numbers on every card, because the more numbers you play, the higher the payout will be and the closer you are to the jackpot in keno. Yet, bear in mind that the more numbers you play out, the less the likelihood of winning might be.

6. Play for fun

In the case if you are a permanent casino player and play keno for the sake of winning regularly, then it is strongly recommended that you change the games at any other casino. In this case, it is better to play roulette, blackjack, pokies and even slots as in these keno games the odds of winning are much higher than in keno. Play keno for fun, not for the sake of winning, as this is the perfect gambling for fun and relaxation, not for profit, actually. And those who think differently, usually lose everything to the last penny at once.


Distribution of keno games and their introduction to the world began only in the 19th century when the immigrants from China began to migrate around the world in search of a better life. It was then that the Chinese culture has become open to the world, and with it, the world learned about this exciting game like keno, including the residents of green New Zealand.
Actually the best strategy for keno is to stay focused attentive and track stats, and each time excludes the numbers that have already dropped out first, thereby increasing the chances of winning with elementary attentiveness. In addition, you can apply this strategy to a geometric progression, and increase each time the rate by half, as long as you win. The second strategy keno looks a completely different way. Here you do not need to keep track of statistics or double down, because the essence of the strategy is to select certain numbers and always play them as long as you win. By the way, this strategy is very popular among the fans of the national lotteries, as many people prefer to always play the same combination. As you can imagine, very useful and safe strategies for playing keno simply does not exist, so if you want to win, you rely on your luck, and attentiveness or simply prefer another game with better odds like blackjack or roulette.
The results of each hand at keno are totally random, so finding the sequence and guessing the following numbers is simply impossible. All this proves the fact that it is not necessary to search for any mythical winning system and especially buy them from the fraudsters or something because such winning systems do not exist like in video poker games or simply any game of luck regulated by RNG or simply based on the principle of random numbers.
If you decide to look through the list of the top casinos that offer keno online, you will be able to save your time, efforts and money which will make the gambling process more comfortable and interesting. We observe the casinos and the games they offer in advance to deprive the users of the pitiful and really disappointing situations. As far as keno is concerned, you will have more opportunities to practice the game in a safe and comfortable atmosphere of the casino from our list. Check it now and make sure of it.





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