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Responsible Gambling

  1. Age restriction: Mention that only persons over the age of 20 are legally allowed to gamble in New Zealand.
  2. Problem gambling: Provide information and resources for individuals who may be experiencing gambling problems, such as contact information for the Department of Internal Affairs, the New Zealand Gambling Helpline, and Gambler’s Anonymous.
  3. Self-assessment: Offer a self-assessment tool to help players determine if their gambling habits are becoming a problem.
  4. Spending limits: Encourage players to set spending limits for themselves and to stick to them.
  5. Time limits: Suggest taking breaks from gambling and setting time limits for sessions.
  6. Support: Provide information on how to access support services for problem gambling, such as counseling and financial assistance.
  7. Fair play: Highlight the importance of fair play and emphasize that the casino operates with random number generators to ensure fair play for all players.

It’s important to note that responsible gambling information should be easily accessible, prominent and in plain language for all players to understand.