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Online Roulette in New Zealand

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New Zealanders are fans of online roulette and seek the best spots to enjoy online casino gambling, as usual. Our duty is to direct them in the right direction and offer the top spots with the preferred roulette variations and the most winning stakes to play roulette on the web and win big. Those players who find a way to win at the casino regularly, of course, will surely appreciate the best clubs on our list below.

How do we test Roulette online?

We are a group of players who developed an effective system of how to beat the best online casinos at roulette in the past. Surprised? In fact, all professional players develop their own winning systems sooner or later. We do not need it now, because we have already earned more money than could ever spend on various internet resources we have ever tested. But now we are pleased to present the results of the search to you, for you to be able to play in a favorite casino and earn a lot of money at online roulette games.

You do not have to spend many years of work to find what you need, it is so simple to play and win that everyone can do it right away from our web page. We know this because we have successfully taught a few people to use our recipe of picking the best casinos with roulette for NZ players successfully. We test the casinos and the top-quality roulette according to several important criteria.

We Check Security of Online Gambling

People are often suspicious on this matter and seek for the ultimately solid gambling online. Roulette online is a very popular casino game alongside live roulette. We believe that we are really helpful to guide nz players and can provide the top spots to those who need them. If you want to come across a secured place that’s real fun to play roulette, this is it. We are testing and collecting such places for gambling.

Banking and Payment Methods

We have been looking for a way to cash in on online games. We wondered why the majority fail. Whole days and nights we spent at the game and have tried many methods of money withdrawal. For our tests, we have used our extensive knowledge of mathematics and statistics. We dedicated much time to the banking issues as we know they are extremely important for the users. And now we want to share the results of our tests.

Casino Reputation

Our group of gambling enthusiasts that invented the most thorough search and this way of playing, has already learned enough of casino reputation and the way it influences the choices of the user. Now we want to give a chance for a good return to everyone who wants to follow our advice. Here you will find the most reputed casinos with appropriate services and features and the odds to win accordingly.

Casino Bonuses for Roulette Games

This time, we actually have found a few ways in which you can safely make money on the roulette and have even more fun. The use of the bonuses can completely change your lives. We can tell you how the one finds the best ways to win at roulette by means of bonuses. We’ll show you how, starting with only a pair of chips, you can regularly win so much money that you can not even imagine. Do not worry, you’re definitely on the right side looking for the top-quality casinos here.

Customer Support

Each player must be sure he or she can rely on the casino’s support in any dispute and a fair verdict. Thus, the support team of each casino should be 24/7 all year round ready to answer questions or process Kiwi players’ inquiries. We have tested even the most hard boiled casinos with a variety of online roulette gambling issues and picked the ones that could stand the attack with dignity. They are at your disposal.

Casino Games Variety

A reputed casino always has the full arsenal of the most popular and winning games, including online live roulette, and many other super features. We make sure that all of them are fast, bright and winning, produced and run by the leading manufacturers, and can fully satisfy the demands of the customers.

Types of Online Roulette

Roulette games, along with slot machines, are one of the main types of table games that comes to the mind of numerous players who start playing in a real casino. Playing roulette games is fascinating and does not require learning a lot of complicated rules and strategies — just place a bet on red or black, numbers or odd/even. We are going to dwell on the five most popular types of this online roulette game.

American roulette

When it comes to playing on roulette online NZ sites, a lot of players give preference to American roulette. The main reason for this is its simplicity. In this online casino game, the wheel is divided into 38 cells. They have numbers from 1 to 36 (odd numbers are colored red, while even ones are black). Also, there are 0 and 00. The numbers 0 and 00 are green.

There are many types of possible bets to be placed in the roulette game. One of them foresees betting on the colour of the number on which the roulette ball will land. Let us take an example: you can place your bets on red. If the winning number on the roulette wheel is red, you are going to win an amount equal to the bet that you have placed, and the real money bet amount will be also returned.

European roulette

Among popular roulette games, European roulette has deserved its place. The main principle is similar to American roulette. The difference is that there is only one green pocket where the ball can land — 0. Just like in the previous online roulette variation, the goal of gamblers is to guess the cell on which the ball will drop after turning the roulette wheel. Before the European roulette game starts, a player should bet on one of the possible online roulette results:

French roulette

This online casino game is almost the same as its American counterpart. The main peculiarity is that the American table has the even chances (Black/Red, Even/Odd and Passe/Manque) on only one side, while in French roulette, they are on both sides. Besides, in the French version, there is only one 0 cell.

Players are supposed to make their real money bets before the dealer stops accepting them. Then the ball will spin on the roulette wheel and land, determining the winner of this online roulette game.

Double ball roulette

As the name suggests, in this online casino game, there are two balls. It is one of the roulette games that has been introduced as an experiment that has turned out to be successful and gained popularity among online roulette New Zealand fans. This game variation is played on a European wheel, which means that the low house edge and higher payout odds of European roulette are also applied to its double-ball version, making it one of the favourite games among New Zealanders. If you want to play roulette online, considering this game might be a good idea.

Multi-wheel roulette

Different roulette casinos offer this fascinating variation. It is different from European roulette since there are eight wheels it is possible to bet on at the same time. Keep in mind that a player should place the same real money bet on all active wheels, so this game does not foresee making eight bets each round.

A peculiar feature of this roulette games’ type is that players are supposed to opt for active wheels. There is no need to set all eight wheels in motion simultaneously. If players want, though, the balls might be left falling where they may.

Roulette rules

You have already understood the main rules of this game are pretty easy. If you want to play roulette among other online casino games, before learning the specifics, make sure that you have selected a reputable New Zealand online roulette platform that has a certificate from an official gambling commission and utilizes a random number generator.

The next step would be choosing an attractive welcome bonus, signing up, and claiming it. After that, select one of the roulette casino games offered by a chosen platform, this might be a real-money game with the advantages of a welcome bonus or a free roulette.

Make your bet and wait for the results on the screen. That is it! This easy-to-play game has won the favour of numerous players all over the world! Be among them!

Our Blacklisted Online Roulette Casinos Rating

There are however casinos that are disappointing in terms of quality, reliability or other features as per the users demands, and, thus, are recommended to be avoided by the players from New Zealand. The rates of the blacklisted casinos are always available on the web page, so be a clever gamer and look them through carefully.

A Couple of Winning Roulette Tips

1. Develop a strategy

In fact, any game demands a well-planned action, even roulette. You should develop your strategy and stick to it, improving it with each play. However, many players can be so excited with the initial winnings that they begin to break the systems and act emotionally. They challenge fate to win a lot of money quickly. But if they are not playing reasonably, they tend to lose. Do not do this in any case. Strictly follow the instructions, and you, if not win more, safe the rest of your budget then.

2. Have a start-up capital

You must have the start-up capital to be able to double the bet if you lose. Our experience shows that sufficient insurance is the capital for 6 games, that is, for the 5 possible bet repetitions. To do this you need 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 dollars as a minimum. Total 63 dollars, for example. However, the sums may vary depending on the funds limit that you should establish alongside the roulette strategy. If you stray from the basic tips, you will probably lose more than win.


If you have developed your own wining system for roulette gambling, you can apply it as many times as it works, if it fails, you can either develop another one or improve the previous. However, none of them will be considered illegal. In fact, there are numerous individually developed methods of roulette gambling that make the gambling more organized focused, and winning, of course. So, there is nothing illegal in your methods.
The methods can be used any time without leaving your home for the most winning roulette gambling at your favorite NZ casinos. Various methods have been successfully exposed to mathematical analysis. If you’re in doubt, you can verify the success of your methods in some free games.
This is a game variation that is extremely popular nowadays. This is a simulation of a real land-based casino roulette gambling with the presence of a dealer that leads the game in front of the players. He acts as a real dealer and creates an interactive gambling atmosphere.
Not every casino is suitable for practicing your roulette strategies or playing with a real dealer. Our group was looking for a suitable casino for a long time, and we have experienced more than 30 various casinos before we found the right ones to play live roulette. Of course, we share this information, so if you want to play casinos we’ve played, click on the links above and enjoy the winning online roulette games!





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