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The Dunedin Casino Review 2024

Dunedin Casino Menu

No casino would want to starve you to death, knowing how much energy such a nerve-tickling activity as gambling can take. As high as the risks are, as delicious and exquisite is the food. You will find everything from burgers to oysters in a never-ending a-la-carte – the Dunedin casino menu.

For visitors who are too emerged in gambling and have no time to think over their meal preferences, there are juicy steaks to soothe their hunger. Without exaggeration, all the most scrumptious food is at the Dunedin Casino café. And finally, get a glass of whiskey, rum, vodka or select any from dozens of cocktails listed in the menu for free!

We give Dunedin Casino Cafe 9.3/10.

Dunedin Casino Hotel   

Ever spent the night at a casino hotel? If no, Dunedin Casino hotel prices will allow you to do that. Spending a weekend at Scenic Hotel Southern Cross is a perfect holiday for a gambler. Imagine gambling having lost the count of time until dawn and not even caring about it because you don’t have to drive or walk afterward. Play, eat, and drink to your soul’s content and then come back to the fresh and shiny room in the hotel 5-minute walk from the casino.

Law Courts Hotel, Motel in York, Chapel Apartments, The Brothers Boutique Hotel are several more accommodations located nearby. These are some less expensive options, perfect for those who save every penny for gambling! This way, you also save money on breakfasts because the meals are both delicious and affordable.

Casino Hotel Dunedin deserves our 9.7/10 mark.

Ongoing events

You really thought that games, hotels, and food is all that Dunedin has to offer? Not so fast! Get yourself involved in card tournaments, bus tours, and city events once you have a free hour or two. You can find all the info and schedules of events on the Dunedin casino website.

And be certain – something is always on. So you can book tickets and schedule the trip whatever weekend works for you. Weekends at Dunedin are always holidays, meaning that you will certainly find yourself involved in fun activities going around.

Rating 8.9/10

Dunedin casino dress code     

Whether you agree with it or not, clothes matter. Especially in gambling places. If you know some gamblers, they probably used to shock you with the way they can get dressed preparing for a gambling night for hours. And the outfit will unlikely be something casual like jeans and sweater – no way! To attract gambler’s luck, one has got to look one’s best. Suits, ties, and patent leather shoes are the best to create a spick-and-span image.

At Casino Dunedin, a pompous outfit is a must. If you think you can just drop by on your way from the beach and make a couple of spins, you might not be allowed in. Therefore, showing up clean and neat is the main rule that applies to every visitor. And don’t forget to bring your lucky items with you!

Casino Dunedin also has some other rules that you gotta follow. The main ones are the following:

These rules that are, in fact, universal, are strictly followed by Dunedin Casino visitors. If you haven’t been to a brick-and-mortar casino before, treat it as a kind of a private club. The majority of its visitors and the management would get frowned upon a mobile phone in your hand. So it is better to leave it in the cloakroom together with your upper clothing.

Don’t worry that something might get stolen – the omnipresent cameras and security watchdogs in the face of casino guards won’t let it happen. And one more thing: if you are a smoker, smoke all you want right at the gambling table! Smoking in is totally allowed.

Rating 9.0/10

Our Verdict     

Dunedin casino has a trust of many regular goers to underpin its reputation. Indeed, the casino is well-located, has meals and accommodations to offer along with events and activities as weekly entertainment options. What else is there to desire?

We highly recommend Dunedin Casino to all who has an opportunity to visit it. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, you will find what to do and where to go even if you get tired of gambling! Catch a wave at Tunnel beach, visit Otago Museum with a guide or cooperate with the locals for a full city excursion for free!

Overall Rating – 9.2 / 10

Dunedin NZ Casino has got little something to impress you with. Check out our professional opinion on this gambling house in the Dunedin casino review.   

Why this place?

Dunedin Casino stands out of many existing land-based casinos. Why is it special? Unforgettable casino atmosphere, luxurious menu, and accommodations located in one of the most picturesque cities of New Zealand’s South Island.

The abundance of fun things to do and emotions to experience make Dunedin Casino a worthy attraction for tourists and locals.

Games and entertainments to expect

Once you enter Dunedin Casino, you will find yourself in an authentic gambling world. The building itself and the location speak in favor of this Gambling House.

Your only trouble when you get inside is to make sure you don’t get lost in a busy room full of people with 180 game machines and 12 tables in it! Dunedin offers as many kinds of games as you know of.

Roulette. No casino can go by without roulette. American, European, French one – all these are the names and variations of this legendary game.

Poker. While video poker is a good alternative, playing real Dunedin casino poker like a pro is an entirely different thing. Collect the highest-ranking hands and enjoy the poker faces of your opponents live in Dunedin.

Blackjack. If you are not indifferent to the number 21, you know what blackjack is. “Vingt-et-un” (the French name of this game) emerged in France in the XIX century and found millions of followers all over the world since then.

Slots. Of course, there is no need to go to another continent to play pokies. Being highly in demand, slot machines are placed virtually on every corner. However, playing slots at Dunedin Casino is a wholly new experience.

Baccarat. The very possibility to observe the game with millions of dollars at stake makes it worthy to buy tickets and go to Dunedin immediately. Baccarat is a game for the wealthy and experienced, those who take pleasure out of their high roller game risks and returns.

Regardless of whether you are a risk-taker or more of a risk-averse personality, you will find quite something at Dunedin Casino to please yourself with. Slots or baccarat, roulette or blackjack – Dunedin dealers make any game amazing and unforgettable.

Rating – 9.0/10

Tourist Info


every day from 11 am till 3 am


118 High St., Dunedin, New Zealand