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Gambler’s Luck or How to Get Lucky at the Casino

All your money is at stake, your hands are sweating, your heart is about to blast and your nerves are at peak. You have not been too lucky the previous rounds and now you feel like it’s your moment – you are on the edge of hitting a jackpot. In such moments, attracting good luck charms to win money is the best thing you can think of and you are right.

If you are one of those desperately looking for secrets of gambling luck, this article is for you. And if you are not sure about the “normality” of googling something like that, we hurry to calm you down and say that superstitious people are all over the place in gambling. No experienced gambler would leave the house on a gambling night without his or her personal luck winning tokens or rituals.

Gambling with real money, online or offline, is risky, exciting, and extremely stressful, which is why gamblers want to have luck by their side and avoid risk no matter how weird their methods are. Let’s see what gamblers from different parts of the world do to attract luck.

Western Luck Gambler’s Rituals and Superstitions

As discovered by Public Opinion Research Center, the majority of adults believe in some kind of rituals or to some extent are superstitious, and this is more than 50% of population.

Unsurprisingly, in the Anglo-Saxon gambling world, superstitions still flourish. Who could imagine that respected men in expensive suits would try to get into a casino through the back door to attract luck? Well, they usually do so and aren’t ashamed of it a bit. And this is not the craziest one you can hear of the good luck gamblers.

  • A typical luck gambler sacredly believes that wearing his best clothes on a gambling night will help him win.
  • Wearing a red item of clothing is another must-do – even if it is an underwear.
  • No crossing legs. Crossing legs is crossing with your good luck.
  • No $50 bills. This superstition is so strong among Western players, that the majority of casinos simply stopped them.
  • Personal beliefs on how to get lucky at the casino. This ranges from not eating before the game to anything that the luck gambler comes up with.

Prejudices and superstitions related to gambling very may not play out well for the players, which is why they are referred to as gambler’s paradox also known as Monte Carlo fallacy. The essence of the paradox is that players get into cognitive bias: they think that results are somehow related even though they aren’t.

For example, in roulette, once you get the color black a number of times, you start getting certain that the next time it will be red for sure. It is a paradox because there is no logic thinking that each result is somehow connected to the previous or the next one.

Another thing that illustrates how gamblers and sports bettors get mistaken is called recency bias. Having come to the casino or its online version, you naturally think that if you have not been quite lucky with a game the previous time, this time is gonna be lucky for sure, or vice versa.

Sports fans do the same thing by believing that having lost several games in a row, a lucky outcome is in their team’s pocket this time. However, unlike in gambling, we can forgive this bias to sports fans since they take human factor into account: it is quite possible that after a number of lost rounds, a team or a player is going to brace up, show real team work, etc. Yet, there is nothing like that in gambling because you as a player cannot influence the outcomes.

A proven fact is that people have tendency to seek confirmation of their hypotheses. Probably, the existence of so many lucky rituals related to casino can be explained by this feature of human psychology. We seek connections, relations between odds, and ways we can interpret them to explain what is not clear to us.

It is a common thing among players to pay attention to closing items, what they did, ate, who they talked to on a lucky day. Obviously, red color underwear has got nothing to do with outcomes on the deck, yet, the majority of gamblers cannot neglect it.

Still, these biases and superstitions do not stand near the variety of superstitions from Asians.

Gambling Luck in Asia

Eastern part of the globe, being by far more superstitious than the Western one, is the source of the majority of rituals and prejudiced beliefs. The lucky red superstition comes from the Chinese obsession with this color. Not even talking about gambling, Chinese people try to decorate their apartments with at least one item of this color. We can often meet entrance doors decorated with red stripes signed with Chinese characters “love,” “luck,” “wealth.” Passing money in red envelops is an ordinary thing in China everyday business life. Apart from that, numbers matter a lot. No Chinese person would come to a gambling hotel (or even an ordinary one) and take a room with figure “4” in its number. Instead, 3,6,8 are considered lucky.

Chinese Feng Shui is right here as well. Many Asian gamblers would not go to the toilet throughout the gaming night out of fear to “flush the luck away.” They would pick a sit on the western side and make sure they don’t face the door. And don’t you dare to talk about or to appear with a book on the way of a Chinese gambler! With the book “shu” pronounced exactly like the word “to lose” – also “shu,” – you will kill all the lucky charm for gambling just by standing on his way.

Many casinos in Las Vegas succumbed to the influence of Oriental people and rearranged casinos to comply with main Feng Shui rules. If you appear in the casino with figure 4 excluded from the room, telephone, and even floor numbers, just know where it comes from.

If you heard a little bit about Feng Shui, you must know that it’s all about combining energies. It means that if you want a casino to correspond to the key principles of Feng Shui, you have to make sure that everything in the design of the room, starting from colors of the walls and ending with lighting, is balanced. If to trust the Chinese people, energy created in such Feng Shui rooms holds gamblers good luck charms for winning. So, if you’ve decided to try and attract luck in a Feng Shui fashion, we can tell you how to do it right.

  1. Find a spot charged with positive energy. In feng shui tradition, positive energy (Chi) is not flowing with equal intensity everywhere. Thus, your task is to pick that place and stick with it, which might be difficult for online gamblers. Probably you will have to go through many spots around your house and outside of it to find that lucky place.  
  2. Feng Shui states that West correlates with wealth, luck with money, and everything money-related. You won’t go far wrong if you start your search of the right place checking spots on the western side of the house or even city.
  3. Another tip is to sit near the window or door. The Chinese believe that this energy we need (Chi) is not static; it circulates around the room and can easily leave it through the door or window. With you sitting beside one of the exits, the energy is somehow retained in the room helping you win.
  4. Do not limit your efforts of attracting lucky charms to one room only. Garage, closets and pool houses are also a part of your home, so take care about those as well.
  5. Feng shui will bring positive improvements to your home if all family members are engaged. If you try to make your place truly lucky, each person needs to make an effort and contribute. Be sure that Chi is easier to attract if all homies work for it.  

Following Feng Shui, don’t get blind towards your own preferences. If the spot is not very comfortable even though looks good from Feng Shui point of view, you will distort positive energy with your negative (conscious or unconscious) perceptions about the spot. So, yes, the spot you choose to place your laptop while gambling has got to be really perfect.  

What You Need to Do to Be Lucky in Casino

So, what you gotta do now? What gambling rituals to stick to? It depends on what you believe in and what you consider to work best for you. Gambling luck can be token based or ritual-based. They say acorns and nutmeg bring luck if you take them with you to the table. Or, maybe you have the lucky person? A beautiful woman who blows on the dice is a winning ritual widely highlighted in gambling movies, so it must be a truly working one.

To attract the best casino good luck, you have to concentrate all your energy on the game. There is no use carrying nutmeg, wearing red underwear, and avoiding specific numbers if these actions are meaningless to you. Instead, develop your own rituals as you go along.

The night you are one of the good luck gamblers, pay attention to every little detail: what you ate, who you talked to, where you went before the game, etc. Chances are, one of those actions or objects are to become your gambling luck bringer.

Online Casino Good Luck  

All jokes aside, online casino users should take gambling luck seriously too. How do you expect to get the good luck charms for gambling on your side sitting in your pajamas eating ice cream? Even though you do not have to go anywhere, it does not mean you don’t have to make an effort.

To become the true luck gambler online, you must not disregard the basic luck winning rituals. Maybe today is the day for you to win a jackpot, and you log in to the site all sleepy and undetermined. The luck will simply turn away from you. So, what you have to do while sitting at home in front of your laptop?

  1. Keep the room clean. Good luck gamblers know that luck does not stand competition. If you room is messy with dozens of things laying around and distracting you, you are unlikely to be in a winning state of mind.
  2. Find the right mood. Yes, mood is everything. The way you approach something will turn out to you the very same way. So, open your online casino site or app only when you feel confident and determined to win.
  3. Look your best. It does not mean you need to wear your suit while sitting in front of your PC. Still, casino good luck favors the good looking ones.
  4. Smell matters. Smelling well is essential for gamblers. There are specific names of colognes that they say bring crazy luck to players. You can also spay your room with some “magic oils” such as Black Cat or Lucky Lottery to attract the lucky charm.  
  5. Make pauses. Good luck charm to win money comes and leaves. And when it does, make sure you stop the game. Do not allow falsely expectations suck you into losing all your money.

Remember that attitude has got to do a lot with luck. You have to find the balance between fear to lose and determination to win and fixate the golden middle. Keep the mood and expectations high, be patient and confident and gambling luck will visit you in no time.

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